Thursday, July 10, 2008

Random Things About Me (Tag)

I've never been tagged before, so thanks Terilyn for adding new excitement to my life. Here goes...

Three Joys
1. My husband, Clark. He is always making me laugh, even when I'm trying to be in a bad mood.
2. Dancing. Whether it's teaching or just dancing for fun, dance always brings me up.
3. My bed. I love sleeping in it.

Three Fears
1. Myself or a loved one being diagnosed with a chronic illness.
2. Not being able to have kids.
3. Having my house/apartment broken into while I'm there.

Three Goals
1. To actually buy/own a home someday (sooner rather than later).
2. To have a wonderful, happy family to fill that house.
3. For my dance studio to be successful and continue to grow.

Three Obsessions
1. I'm kind of obsessed with shoes. I like having a lot of them and a lot of different ones. I really enjoy being complimented on my cute shoes.
2. Like Holly, I'm also a little obsessed with the Twighlight books. I'm about 50 pages away from being done with New Moon and can't wait to get started on Eclipse. I also can't wait for the movie to come out in December!
3. I do tend to get hooked on TV shows. Right now it's The Bachelorette (so sad it's over) and So You Think You Can Dance!

Three Random Facts
1. I used to clog (a form of dance) and I was pretty good at it. I really want to find an adult clogging class and join.
2. I sometimes miss high school. I had so much fun cheering and dancing and seeing my friends all the time. But I do quite enjoy my life right now.
3. Since my sister is turning 16 I have to give my mom's car back for Alli to drive, but... this means I am getting a new car! Not sure what kind yet, but stay tuned for details.

Now here is the fun part, I get to tag other people. I tag Rachel, Rachelle Frame, Liz and Angi. I know you're all so excited!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Aunt Jami and Uncle Clark

This is our cute niece Audrie Jayne. Isn't she the sweetest thing ever?! She is getting some chubby cheeks and we love watching her grow. Each week something else has changed and she has learned a new trick. She's becoming more and more curious and has recently discovered her feet and holding them while she gets her diaper changed. We love her and know that aunt Jami and uncle Clark's house will be her favorite place to hang out.