Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Clark!

Clark's birthday was December 11th and he is now 25! On his birthday he went snowboarding, got a massage, opened his presents and then we headed down to Benihana where several of our friends were waiting to have a surprise dinner. The next night we had dinner with Clark's family at Kyoto where you actually take your shoes off before you sit down. It was fun and here is Clark at the restaurant with presents from his family.
We were in a festive mood that night so we drove down a somewhat famous street in Sugarhouse called "Christmas Street." All of the houses on this street decorate to the extreme and it's pretty fun to drive down.
This was one of the houses and you can tell there's a lot going on in that little yard.

After Christmas street, we drove to another street, by Westminster, where each of the houses have a part of the Christmas story from the Bible in their front yard. It's kinda cool and they do it every year.
These are just some of the Christmas activities we've been doing. We've hit up several family, friend and work Christmas parties and done a lot of shopping. I'm glad that Christmas is almost here and I hope everyone has a great holiday. Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Business School

Don't worry, we're not moving anywhere, but Clark is transferring schools. Clark was accepted into Westminster's Business Administration Program and begins in January. I am very proud of him and he's excited about starting at a new, well respected school. Hopefully we'll be done with school in 18 months! Go Clark!

Saturday we were at Festival of Trees for Prodigy's performance (we did so good) and I happened upon this tree. Okay, I searched for this specific tree and it was pretty cute. "A Cullen Christmas" was decorated with fun pieces from the books and at the bottom there was a gift for each character, including a keyboard for Edward and the game "Operation" for Carlisle.

Tonight we watched my little cousins while my aunt and uncle were at a party. If you can't tell from the picture, they have a lot of energy! It was fun, and draining. There's also an 8 month old that's not in the picture. We had dinner, played Wii, Uno, Sorry, piggy back rides, and this dancing game where they were singing, "I like to move it move it" on top of a little table then jumping off, one at a time, onto a mini trampoline. Wow, I don't know if 5 kids is the right number for Clark and me, but look how cute little Lindsay is in the front! If I can have one like that, it's worth it. They're all adorable and we love them!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving, plus some

I know you all think I want to be back in high school, but I don't. My little sister is in high school and I have to support her. :) Alta football made it to the state championship game and the performing groups got to do their A-L-T-A at half time at Rice Eccles Stadium. Alli was somewhere in the "A" and we were in the stands freezing. Alta took state and I even ran into a few friends from high school. See, other people support their alma mater.

The next day was the BYU-Utah game. Everyone was in a good mood because the U won, then we headed to the long anticipated Coldplay concert! This is Clark and me waiting for one of our favorite bands to come out.

After an amazing 45 minutes of playing, Coldplay actually walked right by us, hence the awesome picture of Chris Martin only about 6 feet away, and played a song among the crowd.

This is them playing "The Scientist," my favorite, only about 15 rows above us! It was so cool and they are so great live. It was such an awesome concert and for the last song thousands of neon paper butterflies fell on the crowd.

This was the encore song, "Yellow." Viva la Vida!

And, five days later, it was Thanksgiving. We had a traditional dinner with Clark's family, dessert with mine, and then saw "Four Christmases" with Clark's again. We stayed up late and hit up South Towne mall at midnight. We scored some great deals at the mall, and then again on Friday shopping around town.

We hooked up with my sisters and went to Costco to get our real pine wreath and free food samples.
Oh, and don't forget the almost life-sized pony that we had to get stupid pictures on. I love Black Friday... kind of.