Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Go Utes!

Clark and I were lucky to get tickets to the Utah/TCU game a couple weeks ago and even though it was FREEZING, literally, it was a lot of fun. I don't look good in beanies so there are no pictures of me, but Clark did the mentos commercial for the camera. Utah was down the whole game until the end of the 4th quarter when we scored and took the lead for the win! The crowd rushed the field and it was a lot of fun to be there. Hopefully we can pull out a win on Saturday against BYU, pretty sure we will. What do you all think...? Go Utes!

Monday, November 10, 2008


Husbands are good for so many things: taking us out on dates and taking out the garbage, making lots of money and making the bed, calling us pet names like sweetie and hon, and calling Dish Network several times when the TV goes out. What I appreciate most from Clark is his sense of humor. He is good at helping me see the more fun side of life, and although this next story might sound like I'm making fun of him, I'm not. I'm just trying to see the fun in the situation.

On Halloween night we didn't get all dressed up or go to any parties. I wore my cowboy hat because I couldn't not dress up on Halloween. We went to dinner and bowling with our friends Morgan and Natalie, then went back to their house for some scary movies. We all had our plates of delicious Gelato pie and a glass of water in hand as we walked downstairs to start the movie marathon. I heard a loud thump and my immediate reaction was to laugh. I turned around and saw that Clark was sitting at the bottom of the stairs and not laughing. He was wearing socks on the carpeted stairs and had slipped. He wanted to save his pie and not spill his water so he held on to both the plate and the glass and landed on his back and tailbone.

The slice of ice cream pie did fall off the plate, but was salvaged and Clark still had half a glass of water in his cup. We all felt bad for him, but laughed about it a few minutes later once we knew he was all right. Clark was pretty sore the next day so I went and bought him this stylish heating pad. He loves it and has been using it quite a bit. I feel bad for him, but you have to admit, it's kinda funny. My husband is good for taking care of me, taking us for late night treat runs, and taking the brunt of my jokes.

Poor Clark.

Lake Powell Adventures

We've made it a tradition, in Clark's family, to go to Lake Powell each year for Fall Break, or UEA. This year we had our niece, Audrie, with us so it was extra fun. She loves the boat and the water. She was laughing so hard when her dad was swinging her through the water.

The weather was somewhat warm, but definitely not hot. It was, however, great for fishing. Clark caught two fish while we were there and was pretty excited. Especially because a couple months ago when he went on an actual fishing trip with his uncles, he didn't catch any. Poor Clark.
I didn't get in the water too much, but this was Clark and me right before our wild tube ride. We were laughing and trying to push each other off, when I looked ahead and saw some MASSIVE waves. Instead of my brain telling me to just let go before I hit the waves of death, I gripped harder. I went flying about 8 feet in the air to the left (that's what they tell me) and Clark went to the right. As soon as I got my head above water I checked to see if all my teeth were in their place, then looked for Clark. I had a bloody nose, a cut and bruise on my wrist (where it went into my mouth) and a nice bruise on the inside of my lower lip. And don't forget the whiplash and sore back for the next three days. I didn't get back in the water the rest of the trip. Poor Jamilyn.