Friday, June 4, 2010

A Blue So Blue

We have been busy little bees lately. Obviously too busy to blog in over a month! Geez. Well, I made it through my second concert as Artistic Director of Prodigy Dance Studio! The year end Spring concert is a lot of work and a lot of stress, but always worth it in the end. Preparations for the show pretty much consumed my life for all of May, but now I'm free, well at least a little more relaxed, for the Summer and Jayda and I are ready to play. Since I don't know how to make those smaller picture montages, you get all the pictures separately. Someone (Rachel) should teach me how to do that :) Here's what we (and when I say we, I mean Jayda) have been up to lately:

Making cute faces and sitting up so tall in her high chair,

Getting our 6 month pictures taken in a green outfit,

a pink outfit

a green outfit

and a pink outfit, showing off her chubby cheekers.

We've been eating out with friends. Here's Jayda and her little buddy Ryker eating dinner together at Salt City Burger (delicious!). She's such a flirt.

We've been to the zoo twice to see the baby elephant. So cute! This day, the mama elephant took a big old poo while we were watching and what did that funny baby do... walked right over and ate it! Sick!

I love this picture. Here's Jayda with her one and only cousin, Audrie (although Jayda has two cousins on the way). Jayda looks so big standing up like that!

We've been to birthday parties for friends Kohen and Landon. This lemonade can kept Jayda entertained for about an hour and while she was sucking Rachelle caught this picture of those oh so blue eyes. Love.

We've been growing and getting much more smiley. All you have to do is smile or kiss Jayda and she'll give you a big old smile, along with a shoulder shrug. She is just starting to look so much older. It's a little sad, but she just keeps getting cuter.

We went to Alta graduation to watch my sister, Alli graduate. Wow, can't believe my little sis is off to college, BYU, in the Fall. She had all different colors of cords cuz she's so dang smart and I'm really proud of her. Being at graduation did bring back memories of 8 years ago when we met at Rachelle's house to take group pictures before we piled in the Suburban and drove to the McKay Event Center singing "The Graduation Song" by Vitamin C. Then off to the Pepperwood Party... go BLUE! Good times.

Oh how I love this little baby! She is so much fun and so active right now. She is constantly moving, changing positions, climbing all over me and and scooting (pretty much crawling) everywhere! I am loving every second of watching her grow and love being her mommy!