Thursday, September 3, 2009

A New House

It's been a long road, but as of last week, Clark and I are officially home owners! Although moving is a lot of work, being in our own home is so great! It feels like a lot of space for just the two of us, but we sure have filled it with a lot of stuff. And, in less than two months, there will be a little one there with us to keep us busy. Here our some pics of moving day. Here's all our friends and family that were able to help us move all our stuff.
Left to right: Blake with Audrie on his shoulders, Emily, Tammy, Mel and Mike (behind), me and Clark, Morgan and Natalie, and Alex. My Dad is behind the camera and Heber met up with us later to carry all the heavy stuff in. My mom also came over the night before to help me pack up my kitchen. Thank you so much for all your help everyone.
Here's our old apartment full of boxes before the move started. I kind of hate moving.
And here we are with only a few items left in the same room. I realize this isn't the most flattering picture of me, but it does show the baby bump pretty well and I haven't posted one of those pics in a while. Aren't I huge?!
And here is the front of the house. It has four bedrooms, two bathrooms, downstairs family room, formal living room, obviously a garage, a laundry room and extra storage space downstairs.
And here's me just resting, I'm good at that, after we got the front room all set up. It's pretty quaint and I quite like it. Now we just need to get a new couch for the basement, barstools, a new TV (according to Clark), and a whole lot of baby stuff. Getting a house is expensive, but worth it. Now I just have to put everything away...