Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Holiday Activities

With a new baby, it's hard to get out to do extra activities, but we've managed to create some fun memories with Jayda over these last few weeks. Here's what we've been up to lately that's helped us get in the holiday spirit.

We celebrated Thanksgiving with Clark's extended family then headed up to my grandparents for a little bit. Here's Alli holding her niece. Alli has wanted to be an aunt for a while now and its fun to see them together.

This has become a nightly activity, but I just had to throw in this classic Jayda face. You can really see her chubby cheeks here. She is starting to like bath time more and more.

My dance studio, Prodigy, got to perform at Festival of Trees again this year and did awesome! I was nervous about bringing Jayda out to such a public place, but no worries. She does really well with white noise and slept the entire time we were there. Here is one of our few family pictures.
Doug and Rachel made it from Buffalo to Utah and then to our house. They hadn't seen the house and neither of us had seen each others new little ones. It was so fun to hang out and catch up. Gavin is 4 weeks older than Jayda and don't they look so cute together?! About 5 seconds later, Jayda turned her head and screamed right in Gavin's ear... he didn't like that very much. They should definitely be boyfriend/girlfriend when they grow up.
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Here are the beautiful moms with their beautiful babes. I can't believe we're both moms and are raising children. So fun.

Grandma and Grandpa Bell watched Jayda while Clark and I went to dinner at Cafe Trio and had a wonderful date night. Clark was oh so sneaky and got us tickets to The Nutcracker! It was so sweet of him and I haven't seen it in years. It was so fun to be in the audience to watch the Sugar Plum Fairy and all the beautiful ballerinas. I will always be jealous of their long, lean legs.
We are excited to create some new "First Christmas" memories and are looking forward to spending lots of time with family and friends.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

How Cute

She's my daughter so of course I think every picture of her is the cutest thing ever, but here are a few of the extra cute pictures from Jayda's first photo session. She was pretty good and only cried a couple times. She's three weeks old in all these pictures.

Isn't funny how you have a baby and your whole life is now consumed by, and everything revolves around, that little one. Jayda is my whole world right now and I am loving being her mom.