Monday, October 26, 2009

Jayda Lyn Bell

So this little girl came into the world on Friday, October 16 at 8:48 PM. She is pretty perfect and we already love her so so much. Here is the Bell family about 10 minutes after Jayda was born.

I got a little sick the day I delivered and passed it on to my little girl, I'm sorry. Jayda had some abnormal blood test scores so the doctors put her on an antibiotic which she had to have through an I.V. for 7 days! I was an emotional roller coaster for the entire week, but I was lucky to have Clark there to comfort me and be the strong one for both of us. Here is Jayda with her make-shift cast to cover her I.V. She had that stupid thing in both hands and both feet through out the week. She also got a high fever and had to have a spinal tap. This poor girl had a rough first week of life, but she is pretty strong.
Here she is just making a funny face with her cute mohawk and bow that the nurses put in. We had some really great nurses over those 7 days and I am very grateful for all their help.
I was discharged Sunday night so we had to do something called a "Hotel Stay" so that we could stay at the hospital while Jayda was still getting her antibiotic. We had to pay for every extra night we were there, and we could only stay if there were available rooms. Well, Wenesday rolled around and they told us we were going to have to leave. I bawled for a good hour just thinking that we would have to go home without our little girl. Luckily, our nurse fought for us, and there ended up being a couple extra rooms that night. It sure wasn't very nice of them to scare us like that. We finally left on Friday, Oct 23 and Jayda got to wear her very own clothes!
We are still adjusting to being home, but I sure do love to cuddle with her. She loves to fall asleep after she eats and burps and I take full advantage of this cuddling session.
I couldn't get this picture to turn, but here she is at a week and 3 days old. She still has here dark hair, just like her dad and we love it. She looks older already and we are having so much fun being parents to her. She really is such a blessing in our lives and I couldn't imagine it any other way!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

3 Weeks Left!

So this is me at 35 weeks, but I now only have 3 weeks until this baby comes! I'm so excited to meet her and hold her, but still a little nervous. We have a few things left to buy, but I'm sure everything will come together... well I hope it will. I don't know how much I'll get to blog once Baby Bell is here, so I thought I'd let you know what we've been up to the past few weeks.
My brother-in-law, Blake, is very into biking and decided to ride Lotaja (Logan to Jackson) this year. The rest of Clark's family drove up to Jackson Hole and met him at the finish line. He's crossing here with his team on the second row, far right. It was over 200 hundred miles they rode and Blake did really well!
Here's the whole family (me, Clark, Warren, Tammy, Emily, Blake and Audrie) under the arch of antlers in down town Jackson. We walked around all the shops, ate some good food and enjoyed relaxing together.
This was the scene outside our new house last week when our Stop and Waste valve burst and flooded our storage room. It was about 9 AM and Clark yelled to me to "Come here!" I kept asking why, why, until he yelled, "Call 911!" That got me downstairs and on the phone with the fire department real quick. There was about a foot and a half of water in the window well that was making it's way into our house. Luckily, it was a storage room with no carpet, but a lot of our books that were still in cardboard boxes were ruined. It could've been a lot worse and we're lucky that there wasn't too much damage.
On a brighter note, I get to watch and play with my niece, Audrie, every Thursday while her mom works. Last week we had to stop by Prodigy for me to grab a few things and Audrie got her first opportunity in a dance studio. She pulled out all the dress ups and danced really close to the big mirrors for a good half hour. It was so cute and I can't wait to have my own little one in dance classes some day!
I have had two baby showers so far and last Saturday, my high school girlfriends threw me an awesome shower. Here's Devon (a friend from college) and me with the amazing Diaper Cake that she made for me. Complete with home-made blanket and stuffed animals.
Lisa, Ashley and Holly, chillin while I was opening my great presents.
Laura, Heidi, Rachelle with Landon, Lennie and me. All these girls are such great friends and I'm lucky to have them! Thanks Lisa and Rachelle for hosting and planning!
Here's Aimee and I just after the shower, showing off our baby bumps. She's due about 3 weeks after me with her second. I know the picture is kinda dark, but it shows off the bellies and I think it's pretty funny!
And let's not forget my little sister, Alli. She's growing up so fast. This is Alli and her Homecoming date, Andrew. She looked gorgeous that night, but always looks so cute. I swear I didn't have the cute clothes she does, back when I was in high school.
And I was so excited that we finally got our crib and bedding, I just have to post it. The baby room isn't quite done, but it definitely feels like a baby room now and I love it. I can't believe there is actually going to be a crying baby in our house in just a few weeks!