Friday, May 22, 2009

Has It Really Been a Month

I can't believe it's been a whole month since I've posted. Sorry. Besides the fact that we no longer have internet at home, I have been extremely busy. Shortly after my last post Clark and I had a nice weekend trip in Vegas. We ate out a lot, saw the cirque show, "KA," and did some shopping.
Me on the beautiful Strip at night. I'm pretty sure my eyes are closed.

Clark and I just outside of New York, New York where we watched the Jazz lose their last game of the playoffs.Me with the cute elephant at Rain Forest Cafe.

As soon as we got back I was in dance concert mode. I was on the phone and running around all day every day trying to make sure that everything was going to go smoothly for Prodigy's dress rehearsals and performances. Luckily, everything was a success! The preschool performance was adorable and all the dancers did so well. We even had a motorcycle come out and circle the stage before the "Rock Ballet" production started and that was a huge hit. I was extremely nervous, but I have received a lot of compliments on how well everything turned out. I am, however, so glad it's over. What a huge relief!

The next most exciting thing going on in our lives is that we are shopping for houses in the Sugarhouse, Holladay, and Cottonwood Heights areas. It's been a lot of fun so far and it's weird that we will actually be buying a home here in a couple months.

We find out if our little baby is a boy or a girl on Monday, June 1 so I will let everyone know as soon as we know.