Friday, January 22, 2010

Christmas Break Recap

So, I've noticed that I've kind of been on a once a month blogging routine, but I'd say that's pretty good considering I have a three-month-old baby and I'm still getting the hang of the mommy thing. Jayda is lucky to have lots of family and friends close by so she has lots of people that want to play with her. Liz Felix is one of those people. She is so great with Jayda and Jayda loves playing with her. Here's Liz and Jayda (in her cheer uniform), hanging out while watching the 'U' game.

Jayda had a good first Christmas and got spoiled by her grandparents. She also got the traditional stocking from my aunt Heather. She makes them for all the nieces, nephews and grandkids so we all have these awesome homemade stockings. Jayda fit great in it!

My high school girlfriends always do a Christmas party and, since I have a new house, I hosted. We're all here but Courtney, who was about to give birth. It's so fun catch up with my beautiful friends and their husbands, or soon-to-be husbands.
Lisa, Me, Rachel, Holly, Heidi, Laura, Rachelle, Emily.

Here's Heidi and her fiancee, Adam who just got the best white elephant gift. It was a "gorilla arm" that is supposed to attach to strollers and car seats to hold the bottle in the baby's mouth. Not so safe, but funny, and great for holding cups apparently. :)

Just had to add this 'vogue' picture in. Jayda fell asleep while our friend Natalie was holding her and decided to strike a pose. I think she's going to be a sassy little girl.

And over the break, we had Jayda's baby blessing. Talk about a stressful event to get ready for. Luckily, we had lots of friends and family to help bring food. We had a lot of people in our home that day, but it was a really great day. Clark gave an amazing blessing and Jayda was perfect the whole day.

And by the time everyone left, she was pretty tuckered out from all the excitement. She sure looked adorable in her dress, bow, bracelet and shoes. I love dressing up my little girl and her grandma loves to hold her.

This is an idea of what a typical night at the Bell house is like. Mom feeds Jayda, sings and plays with her for a little bit, Jayda gets fussy and Mom hands her over to her Dad. Dad then calms her down (lots of times by bouncing her on his knee) and makes weird faces at her. Then Dad is pretty good about getting her to fall asleep. They are so cute together.

And in case you didn't know, Jayda has very blue eyes. She looked right in the camera to let us all know just how blue they are... just like her mom. She rolls onto her tummy the second I lay her down and she holds her head up so high. She is getting cuter every day and even though I don't want her to get bigger, she is more alert and so fun to talk to and play with.