Wednesday, February 17, 2010

4 Months!

So Jayda has made it to 4 months! This little girl has become quite the happy baby and makes us laugh every day. She had her 4 month check up today and has grown... a little. :)
What Jayda does at 4 months:
*Rolls over, from her back to her tummy, within seconds of putting her down. Makes diaper changing a little more difficult
*Does the raptor, screechy scream when she's talking to us
*Opens her mouth really big when she gets excited
*Reaches for everything
*Sucks on her fingers, which leads to drool everywhere
*Is a mama's girl!
*Weighs 12.6 pounds (22nd percentile), is 23 1/2 in long (22nd percentile) and her head is 15.5 in around (9th percentile). Basically, Jayda is pretty small, but I have a feeling she'll have a growth spurt soon.

We got some adorable pictures of Jayda done a couple weeks and they turned out so great. Kasey Sanders, the wife of one of Clark's friends, took them and did a wonderful job ( Here are some of my favorites.

Thanks, Rachelle, for the beautiful tutu you made for Jayda! It turned out so great!

In the meantime, Clark has discovered how much he likes toting Jayda around in the Baby Bjorn. Jayda likes it too and was so comfortable that she fell asleep. She was, however, scared when she woke up because she wasn't used to sleeping like that or waking up in a place other than her crib.

This is typical for how Jayda sleeps. She rubs her eyes/face when she gets tired and then falls asleep like that. So it's either this position or both hands behind her head. She's so funny.

She also got to spend time with her Grandpa Doug when we went to lunch last week. It's fun to see my parents with my child. Crazy.

Jayda also got a quick driving lesson in her daddy's truck. Don't worry, we were just in the driveway. Jayda and I went out to the car to bug Clark while he was on a business call after coming home from work and I had to grab the camera for this cute picture.

Clark and I were able to drop Jayda off at my sister-in-law's and go on a Valentine's date last week. We got a couples massage (thanks to my dad for the gift card) and grabbed some Cafe Rio. It was nice to do something just the two of us and Jayda was great for Emily. She also got to play with her one and only cousin and they are pretty cute together.
I don't know about anyone else, but I am definitely ready for Spring and to play outside with Jayda. Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun, please shine down on me!


RaCHeL said...

She is so sweet! I love the photos! Tutu's are so cute! She may be little, but she is farther along in the rolling process than my kid. He won't do it! Either way! Besides, girls are supposed to be dainty & bitesize! :) Sure miss you guys!

Allison and Josh said...

She could not be any cuter! And I agree with you, bring on the Spring sunshine!

Rachelle said...

So cute!!!! I love those pictures!

emily said...

the pictures are so so adorable i love them! yes, bring on spring. you and i have lots of outings to do at the park, zoo, wheeler farm, etc!

Moffat Family said...

so so cute! it was fun to see you at the movies! we'll hopefully see eachother soon!

Travis and Liz Felix said...

I think I may pay you to be a surrogate mother for me...
But then, you just do it all and give me the baby. K???

Laura said...

She has the cutest little face! I'm with you bring on Mr. Sun... I'm dying here. Today especially!!!

sng said...

We loved seeing the pictures of you guys. Nate cracked up seeing your new top picture, because Jayda was so freaking cute! We also noticed it didn't look like you had any snow outside! That is ridiculous. We are jealous.

The Frame Family said...

Just wait until she gets really strong and tries to roll unto her tummy when you change's a little frustrating :)! The pics turned out really cute! I love the pearls!

wessara said...

She is so so so sweet! The pictures are awesome!! She is photogenic and should probably be on the girls business brochure! What a cutie! I am right there with you on the sun thing! I am DYING! I swear I go into depression when it's such crappy weather!!AAAG! Anyways... cute cute!

The Staples Fam said...

Okay.. this is way random.. I was blog stocking a bit :) and came across your little girl and was thinking oh my gosh she is so stinking cute.... Then I went along. But i remembered Jamilyn and thought.. I only know one Jamilyn and I swear she went to Alta.. and Lindsay went to Alta.. Long story short.. This is Jodie Lewis (from Mimi's!) Lindsay is my cousin.. Her husband and my husband are cousins. Crazy small world!

Anyway.. your little girl is just adorable. Good job ;)

adam and angi bradley said...

Ready for Spring? How about trying to hold on to hope that it will one day come? Like Jayda is adorable and the tutu turned out sooo cute!!