Wednesday, July 28, 2010

July 4th to the 24th!

We celebrated the 4th, the 24th and played a lot in between. We went to the Stadium of Fire with my family and had a lot of fun watching Carrie Underwood and the awesome fireworks. Jayda looks kinda funny in this picture, but hey, it's a family picture.

We hung out with Clark's family and had a great BBQ's! Here's Jayda in her festive outfit from Grammy Tammy.

I recently discovered the "fireworks" setting on my camera. It is awesome. Clark's cousins and I had a lot of fun with some sparklers. It says U of U, if you can't tell. How cool! :)

Jayda is pulling herself up onto everything. She is quick too and loves to be standing! She is getting stronger every day and I'm pretty sure walking is just around the corner for her. She is getting so big, but oh so fun.

My mom had her 50th birthday! Being the wonderful daughter that I am, I planned a little surprise birthday lunch, with the help of my sisters. I had to plan where we would eat in advance and then somehow convince my mom that it was her idea to eat at Mimi's Cafe. I thought I did a good job of this, but my mom told her friend the night before that she was a little bugged that she didn't even get to choose where she had her own birthday lunch, but she was pleasantly surprised to find all of her close friends at the restaurant supporting her in her youth. Here's the girls, minus Jayda.

We have been going swimming at least once a week and are loving being outside in the sun. Since my sister lives in Saratoga Springs, we headed down to Lehi Rec Center and it is pretty cool. It's very kid friendly and Jayda loved hanging out in the water swings.

Rachel made it back to Utah for a few weeks so we have been trying to catch up and get our kids to like each other more. I don't know what Gavin thinks of Jayda, but she sure liked to grab at him. It's been so fun to hang out with her and I wish she still lived here.
My dance studio, Prodigy, performed at Raging Waters and they did such a great job! We have such good dancers! Anyway, we made a day of it and Jayda had fun hanging out in the Lazy River. That was about it. She really liked this tray though!
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We had a family reunion, which is somewhat rare in my family, but it was good to catch up with people I haven't seen in a long time and hear about what my mom's family came from. We've been wanting to get a four generations picture since Jayda was born and finally got one. It's blurry, but it's four generations, which I think is pretty cool.

And we made it to the 24th! We went to see the parade floats at South Towne Expo. If you have kids over 2, this is a really fun thing to do. You get to see all the floats without sitting in the sun, they have performers, face painting and clowns making balloon creatures. My mom loves this kind of stuff and was having so much fun walking around every single float. Jayda liked looking at all the fun colors too.

Jayda is now 9 months and is becoming even more of a mover, if that's possible! She weighs 16.1 pounds (8th percentile) and is in the 12th percentile for height. With Clark and my genes our kids are just destined to be small. Jayda says dadadadada and mamamama and waves bye to everyone, even cars that drive by our street. She likes to sit in the grass and eat leaves. Clark's sister found out she's having another girl, which will give Jayda 3 girl cousins and 0 boys! I love it!


RaCHeL said...

You sure do know how to pack in the fun! It was so fun to get the kiddos together. I want to see you again before we leave! Jayda is too cute!

sng said...

We wish you could have come to the ranch too! Jayda could have been in the rodeo. But I guess Carry Underwood at the Stadium of Fire is cool too.

wessara said...

Wow! She is growing up too fast! I have been out of the "blogging world" for awhile so it's fun to catch up on everyone!! Looks like fun!!