Thursday, April 22, 2010

Kid tested, mother NOT approved

Yesterday, I had a bowl of Kix for breakfast. I just bought them because the pediatrician said that Jayda could start eating them. But silly me, I left them on the table and open. So as I'm putting Jayda in the bumbo she does what she does best and swats at them. This was the result. I guess it's my own fault, but I was still frustrated. And, for the record, she did it again about 20 min later!

This is just a random. I walked in to check on Jayda during her nap and this is what I found. She's on her stomach and somehow the binky is on her back. ???

So last night Jayda was pretty restless so I thought she could just hang out in the baby bjorn until it was time to eat and go to bed. I was just standing, watching TV and Jayda was playing with my cup and straw from Arby's. All the sudden she just starts laughing. This is kind of weird because normally Jayda just squeals, but doesn't laugh. I couldn't help but laugh too so I grabbed the camera so others could join in on the giggle. I know all kids giggle, but of course I think Jayda's is so cute. And don't mind me laughing behind her.

Jayda is now 6 months old weighing in at 13 lbs 10 oz. She is in the 9th percentile for weight, 33rd for length and 23rd for head. She's little, but she sure is active and curious. The pediatrician says she acts more like a nine month old rather than a six month old and that she'll probably crawl early. Great. She already rolls everywhere to get where she wants to go, but I better get those gates up and start baby proofing the house.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Birfday Birfday

It is hard for me to find a quiet moment or a long enough one to actually create a blog post, but here is what we've been up to lately.

Jayda has taken up sucking on her thumb and I think it's so cute. Most of the time it's more like she's chewing on it, but it still looks cute. And if her binky falls out when she's in her crib she can soothe herself to sleep with that little thumb.

We got to go to a U of U basket ball game a while ago and Jayda got to wear her cute cheerleader outfit. What can I say, she wants to be like her mom. We also went to a Utah gymnastics meet. Jayda grabbed Clark's pulled pork sandwich, which was a little warm, so it kind of scared her and made her cry. I'm pretty sure everyone in the surrounding 20 rows heard and looked right at us. It was my first semi-embarrassing, people-think-I'm-a-bad-mom-moment.

Jayda started eating rice cereal, which we all know is a big deal the first few times. Here she is mid bite. Look at that tongue! She also started Sweet potatoes last week and likes that too. She's just getting so big.

We also found out that my sister, Melanie, is pregnant! She is due October 20th, which was my due date, and is really excited. Jayda will have her first cousin on my side and just one year younger. Mel made this cake to announce it to our family. It says "Double your pleasure, double your fun, two grandkids are better than one."

Ok, yes this picture is in our church, and yes it might not be totally appropriate, but we wanted to get a good picture of Jayda in her Easter dress. So here's me and my best little girlfriend together.

Ok everyone, hold your breath... I made a craft. Yes, me, Jamilyn, I made a craft, almost all on my own. I know some of you probably don't even believe me, but here's the proof. They're cute little Spring/Easter puffs and were really pretty easy. They are currently hanging over my kitchen table and I'm quite proud.

I also had a birthday a couple weeks ago and Clark came home with these beautiful pink roses for me. So pretty. We went out to eat with family, shopped in Park City, and ate sushi and ice cream on Main Street. All in all, a pretty good birthday!

Since we missed Christmas pictures with Santa, we headed to the mall to get pictures with the Easter bunny. Our friends, the Stringhams, came too and brought their little one Ryker who's just a couple months older than Jayda. Here they are together and I think we'll continue to have many more pictures of them together as they grow and as us moms hang out more.

And here's Jayda's Easter picture. We did get a few smiles out of her and they turned out pretty cute. Jayda is growing and growing and will be 6 months next week. We are having tons of fun together and loving playing together. Jayda rolls both ways now and rolls all around the room. Gotta keep my eyes on this one. She even pushes her little bum up like she's going to crawl, but then slides back down. Not yet, Jayda!